If your website has been active for a while, it could be time for a change. Just as your business is constantly evolving it’s important that your website does too.

There are lots of positive reasons to invest in a website refresh. Keeping your website up-to-date means your customers have the information they need at their fingertips. It can also improve your SEO performance and increase the chance of completing sales.

Here’s our quick rundown of the top things you may need to review to keep your website up-to-date.

Is your website ‘mobile friendly’?

Smartphones are redefining the way that customers interact with websites. Over half of internet traffic comes from mobile users, so making sure your website performs on a mobile screen is incredibly important.

Not sure how your site stacks up? Enter your web address into this handy tool from Google and rate your performance on mobile.

Is your information up-to-date?

From contact details to team members to About Us pages and products and services. Your business information probably changes frequently so it’s important that you refresh your website content too.

If you haven’t been shown how to update the content on your pages you can ask the team at Trafik to help. Being able to update your own website is a great way to keep your content up-to-date and the cost of refreshing your website down.

Is your user experience delivering results?

If you’ve read our blog Should you treat your website like a member of your sales team?, you’ll know that at Trafik we are big fans of delivering results online. The question is – how is your website performing?

If you haven’t already applied Google Analytics to your website then now’s a great time to do it. This will help you to understand what your customers are doing as they interact with your site.

It’s important that customers visit your website, find the information they need, and then complete your call-to-action. A call-to-action is usually making a purchase or getting in touch with a member of your team. If this isn’t happening on your website then now’s the time to take a close look at your user experience and redesign your website to deliver results.

Review your loading rate

An important part of your user experience is getting customers where they want to go quickly and efficiently. Short attention spans and a lack of patience could mean a slow page loses you customers before they even arrive on your site.

If you’re concerned that your website may be slow to load or putting customers off, you can use this tool to see how quick it is. For full details on why loading rate is important we recommend reading our blog: Why speed is important to your online success. If you have speed issues then we get in touch – we’ll be happy to help fix them.

Add some landing pages

You may benefit from adding targeted landing pages to your website. Landing pages provide multiple entry points to your website that can be designed to reflect where the customer is coming from and contain exactly the information they need.

Landing pages can be particularly effective in generating leads or focusing on one area of your business over another. They can also boost your SEO performance and make it easier to convert customer enquiries into sales.

Are you Search Engine Optimised?

If you haven’t read Xero’s excellent Guide to SEO for small businesses then we recommend giving it a go. It will help you understand exactly why SEO is important for your business.

Great SEO is a mix of good content and the right infrastructure. Contact the team at Trafik and we can take a look at your website and make sure your infrastructure is optimised to make the most of traffic to your site.

If you want your content to support great search results, it needs to be fresh, relevant and unique. Take a look at what you’ve got and work out if it needs to change. Consider introducing a blog, or a regular update cycle so the information on your site is always improving and attracting more clients.

Time for a change?

Once you invest in representing your business online, it’s important to make your website part of an ongoing cycle of improvement and optimisation. Keeping your website up-to-date doesn’t always have to mean building a new one.

We can help you refresh, refine, and get results from the time and money you invest in your online space. To evaluate your current website and understand where the opportunities lie, contact Trafik today.

Speed drives results online. The speed that your website loads at has the potential to impact your brand, your search ranking, your conversions and your overall user experience. Here’s our take on why a fast-loading website is important to your business.

How focused are you on converting your leads?

In 2008 a survey of online users found that 47% expected a site to load in less than 2 seconds, while 40% of those surveyed would abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That’s 40 out of every 100 leads lost before they even reach your site.

In 2018 Google identified that 53% of mobile visits leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your audience is browsing on mobile that means losing a potential 53 leads out of every 100.

If you’re investing time and money on getting customers to visit your website, you don’t want to lose them before they even reach your home page. Making sure your website loads quickly is vital if you want to make the most of your money.

Consider your brand in everything you do

If you’ve spent time developing a brand then you know that every action you take as a business can build or damage your reputation. That’s also true for the performance of your website.

With a high expectation amongst users for online speed; failing to perform can create a bad first impression. Slow websites are often perceived as unsafe or lacking in security, and speed can quickly erode potential trust in your brand.

If you aim to project an efficient and confident image with a website that can be trusted, it’s worth prioritising speed from the start.

Search ranking and user experience

How easy your site is to use directly impacts your rating with Google and where you appear in their rankings. Google is focused on delivering a fast online experience for its users. Speed is one of the more than 250 ranking factors used to decide who appears on page 1 of a search.

Your user experience doesn’t just impact Google, it also impacts how likely potential customers are to like your brand; buy your product or service; and recommend your site to other people. If your website is slow to load then you risk performing badly in all of these areas. That adds up to bad news for your bottom line.

Time to turn your speed around

Trafik are focused on delivering great results for your business by creating the best websites. That means we take speed, security and user experience seriously. We design websites that perform for your business and for your users.

If you’re concerned about the speed of your website or your user experience, why not contact our team today. We can review your current site and help you find the right solution to make the most of your online presence. Call today.

If you’re serious about getting customers to visit your website then content should be your top priority. It’s not just how you tell people who you are. Content is the tool that can confirm to your customers that they need your product or service and why it’s better than what anyone else is offering.

So if you’re wondering how to dip a toe into the world of content creation then this Trafik Techtalk is for you. Here are 6 simple steps to making great content.

Step 1. Define your target audience
We all adjust our language to suit our audience. When it’s in conversation we tend to do it without noticing, but when you’re creating content you need to consciously speak the language of your customer. Working out who you’re talking to upfront will help you define how your brand should feel; how it needs to ‘talk’; and what your customer needs to know.

Step 2. Define your brand’s personality
If you haven’t worked out what your brand stands for then now’s a good time to do it. The benefits? Lasting meaningful relationships with your customers; loyalty; emotional engagement. The challenge? You need to create a personality for your business that your customers can connect with.

Step 3. Work out what your customer needs to know
The emphasis here is on what your audience needs to know – not what you want to tell them. Successful content is relevant to your customer’s needs (not yours). You need to make a sale but they need to know how your product is going to change their life. Stay on track by talking in benefits and don’t get bogged down by the details.

Step 4. What does your customer want to know?
Content marketing allows you to build a relationship with your customers. That means taking your customer’s experience beyond the purchase and offering them more ways to enjoy what you do.

A library of content can add value and give customers more reason to return to your website, social media or newsletters; then buy your product. Investing in high quality content can build loyalty – giving customers more reasons to choose your brand over someone else’s.

Step 5. Always remember SEO
Good website content isn’t written because of SEO; it’s written for your customers. But you do need to make sure your content contains the right keywords and phrases to allow it to be found. SEO should always be part of your content strategy to ensure you’re maximising traffic to your website and sales for your business.

Step 6. Keep it up
With content marketing, consistency is key. That’s where Trafik can help. Our team can create and manage your content cycle so your brand is always in conversation with your customer – leaving you free to manage the day-to-day logistics of your business.

We are Trafik
Trafik is a digital marketing agency based in sunny Hawke’s Bay with a team of experts spread across New Zealand and overseas. We’re here to get results for your business online. If you want to produce content for your business but you’re not sure how to find the time to create it: Trafik can help. Call us today

As important as high-quality content is to the success of your website, you also need to make sure that your website is found by the search engines, and put out there when people search for the information that you provide. Search engine optimization is your most important tool in this effort. Here are tips on how to optimize your website so that it is easily found by the search engines.

Try to get snippets from your website featured

When you search Google for an answer to a problem, the search engine will often display an answer drawn from a website, at the top of its search results. When Google features a snippet from a website in this way, you get an answer directly, without needing to enter the website that the answer is taken from.

It can take some work to get Google to feature a snippet from your website. You’ll need to find keywords to base good content on, answer a question in a simple and direct way, and boost the authority of your page by building backlinks. Usually, if your content is good enough, Google will feature a snippet.

Design a mobile-responsive website

More than fifty percent of all online traffic is generated by mobile devices. This means that to be successful, websites need to display correctly on mobile screens and load quickly. Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test responsiveness check service and a Think With Google mobile website speed test service that you can use on your website to see how well it works on mobile devices. It’s important to remember that when your website doesn’t show well on mobile devices, you lose visitors and a good search ranking on Google.

Building backlinks is still important

It used to be that your site’s authority on Google was almost entirely determined by the good backlinks that you got. These days, a site’s relevance is determined by a number of other factors, as well. Nevertheless, it’s still important to build authoritative backlinks to your site. Google’s own advice in this area is straightforward: you get to build authoritative backlinks by putting valuable content on your site that people want to link to. Whether your content is video, images or text, if it is high-quality stuff, people will want to reference it on their own pages.

Repurpose your content where possible

There is no rule that says that content can only be used once. When you create content, you may be able to reuse it multiple times, in different forms. If you have a video, for instance, you could write an article about the points that the video makes, as well, or go on social media and promote your video. It’s possible to make a single piece of content go much farther than you would think.

SEO is still important

While the methods used to optimize websites may have changed, the idea itself remains that you need to make sure that the search engines see your website, understand its relevance to visitors, and promote it. As you keep offering high-quality content on a website that makes it easy for visitors to experience it, you will find that you are rewarded with a high search engine ranking.

If you’re ready to sell online then Trafik is here to help.

We’ve got a track record of delivering great sales for our clients and we do it by listening carefully to their needs. Here are some things to consider if you’re ready to achieve business success with online sales.

Have you defined your product or service?

This is the first question for any business selling online and it’s important to define this upfront if you want to maximise sales on your website. That’s because the type of product or service you are selling will drive very different requirements from the website you need to build.

Who is your customer?

If you have defined and understood who your customer is, it becomes a lot easier to structure your website to make it easy for them to purchase your product or service. It also means you will be more likely to stay on track when it comes to providing the right information, meeting customer service expectations and managing any delivery requirements effectively.

How are you selling?

Do you plan to sell products on your website only or are you building a sales experience across online and retail stores? Selling services online could be as simple as booking an appointment and paying in advance, or as complicated as hosting online webinars and creating entire online service experiences. Trafik can help you to understand the possibilities so you can choose the right online set up to suit your business. We recommend that all our clients build websites that work across all devices.

Prioritise security

We recommend that all of our clients prioritise security when building their websites. Being a trusted provider means search engines like Google will make it easier for their users to find your website. It’s also essential if you plan to request payment or capture any data from your customers.

Build the right website

There are lots of different options to choose from if you plan to build a website for your business. Trafik can help you to understand what’s available while making it easy to choose the right software and design to sell to your customers. We’re experts in getting it right for our clients because we listen to what’s important to you. Get in contact today and ask us more about building a website for your business.

Monitor your website closely

Adding Google Analytics to your website makes it possible to carefully track where your customers are coming from, where they visit on your site, and what and how they are buying. If customers aren’t making a purchase you’ll have the information you need to work out why, and make the changes necessary to secure the sales.

Be proactive in driving sales

Selling online also offers lots of opportunities to proactively manage the purchase process. From incentivising first purchase with discounts; to recommending similar products and services based on previous purchase behaviour. Trafik can introduce you to a huge range of smart tools designed to stimulate sales and close the deal.

Evolve and optimise your website

Once your website is up and running you will be provided with lots of information about the way that customers are interacting with your products and services and completing transactions. This is your opportunity to regularly review and evolve your website so that you make the most of sales opportunities.

If you’re ready to sell your product or service online then contact Trafik today. We make it easy to understand your options and meet your online sales goals. All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve and we can tell you what technology is available to drive the best results. Why not get in contact and find out more today?

The team at Trafik are all about building websites that deliver results. That’s just one of the reasons we think it’s a great idea to treat your website like a member of your sales team. By setting clear goals and performance targets, you can be sure your website is contributing to your business.

Here are some simple steps to consider if you want to drive performance from your website.

Set strong goals for your website

Like any member of your team, your website needs to justify its cost by performing for your business. Start by considering what you need your website to achieve and don’t be afraid to define your targets in numbers. Tie it back into your overall business goals so you can be clear just how important your website is to your business performance.

Give your website the tools it needs to deliver

Once you’ve defined what you want your website to deliver it’s important to make sure you’ve given it the tools it needs to do the job. That means structuring your website’s functionality and content to achieve your goals. Take a close look at your website – ideally with a member of the Trafik team – and fine tune your set up to ensure success.

Start a conversation with your customer

Now that you’ve worked out what you want your website to achieve, it’s time to consider who you’re talking to. Don’t fall into the trap of using your website to hold a one-sided conversation about your business. A smart salesperson knows that talking in benefits and telling a story that your customer can engage with is much more likely to get you the results you need.

Understand where your value lies

Chances are you aren’t the only business that offers a product like yours. Why not make sure your customers understand exactly why you’re better than the rest. Don’t be modest and risk hiding your best points and defining features. Ask the team at Trafik how you can highlight your value and make it stand out on the page.

Work out how you’re going to measure your goals

Setting goals for your website is one thing, measuring them is something else. Trafik recommend adding Google Analytics to your website so you can track exactly how you’re performing. Remember to diarise regular dates to review the data and react where necessary to adjust your content or your functionality to improve your performance.

Do you want your website to function like a member of your sales team?

Trafik can help you to identify what you want your website to achieve and work with you to create or redesign your website to deliver your goals. We believe in delivering measurable results that help you to demonstrate the value of your website. Why not contact us today and find out exactly how we can help your business achieve success online?

Is your website delivering results?

Whatever reason you have for investing in your website, it’s important to know that your money is going to deliver. Being online is expected by most customers today – so how will you make it work for your business? Here are 4 ways to make sure the money you put into your website delivers results.

1. Understand your target audience
Have you defined your target audience? Creating a user friendly website is a great way to get results. Users of different age and experience interact with websites in different ways, so you should start by making it easy for your target audience to explore your product or service.

2. Set clear targets
Saying what you want to deliver is one of the best ways to achieve results. Your website should be supporting your business plan. Take some time up front to define what you want your website to do.

Are you selling products or exploring services? How do you want customers to react? Should they pick up the phone or join your database?

Once you’ve defined success, your website can be structured to deliver on your targets. Use Google Analytics to track the behaviour of your customers and make sure you’re getting the right results.

3. Get the right content
You may know your business back to front but have you got the skills to sell what you do in words? Great content will tell the story of your product and service as a series of benefits that your customers won’t want to live without.

Content is a great way to refresh your existing website or to simply connect with your customers. With a focus on SEO it can also increase the chances of your business being found.

4. Be trusted
Making your website secure is not just about protecting your identity and your customers’ details. It’s also about letting the Search Engines know that your website can be trusted. Search Engines will not give you a good ranking if they don’t trust your identity.

Investing in a website today means investing in the right security certificates and validation. If you’re looking for good results from your website then you need to be found. If you’d like to know more just give Trafik a call: we’ll be happy to help.


Your website should be contributing to your business. It’s another member of your sales team and offers an important marketing tool to connect your customers with your brand. If you’re concerned that you don’t know how your website is performing: talk to Trafik.

Trafik believe in delivering intelligent solutions online. We use our expertise to make it easy to get a return on the investment that you put into your website. Our focus is on delivering real results that have a positive impact on your business performance.

Everyone knows that a website is a great selling tool. But did you realise it’s also a great time saver? Websites can automate processes and make your business operate more efficiently. Here are some simple ways to add automation to your website.

What is automation?
Automation happens when you make a process run on its own without the need for manpower.

It’s always the right time to make sales
Selling online is such an efficient way to do business. Websites that automate the sales process can sell products, services and even experiences at the touch of a button.

Online retail has the huge advantage of taking your business to your customer’s fingertips at any time of the day or night, in any location across the world. All you need to do is to make sure your website can be found (hint: we can help with that).

Capturing information
Does your business use forms? Perhaps your customers fill them in to order a product or service. Maybe they’re used to gather information before you provide a quote?

Using your website to manage your forms is an efficient and paperless way to control the flow of information. Your customer will avoid the need to print, scan and email completed forms to you. You will receive all the information that you need in a format that’s easy to store, manage, reference, and update when needed in the future.

Information sharing…all the time
Twenty years ago, Marketing Teams spent a lot of time producing brochures and leaflets that contained all of the information that customers needed to know. Now you can use the information that you want to share to fill your website.

Online, your information can be accessed by anyone, updated in real time, and shared through newsletters and social media. It’s never been so easy to share information with your customers.

Database building
Newsletters remain one of the most effective ways of getting your message to your customers. Gathering email addresses through your website is a great way to market your business and drive sales.

Automation means your website gathers all the information you need to build your database. You can also automate your responses as well as your sign up, and send instant emails to incentivise first or repeat purchases.

Feedback time
Ever wished you knew what your customers thought? For most of us, it’s a battle of time or money to carry out research. Automation makes it easy. If you want to set up a survey, all you need to do is add it to your website.

If you’re keen to strengthen your customer experience or redefine your product offering, an online survey can be an effective tool. Just work out what to ask and where to ask it – on your home page, post purchase, or after the product or service has been received.

Stay in the picture
If your business relies on visuals for promotion, you can also automate sharing images to your gallery online. This may be an ideal way to demonstrate your work or catalogue your work in progress.

A simple link from your Gallery page to Instagram can take all the effort out of keeping your customers across your latest projects. It can also provide easy access to your social media accounts for clients who are keen to keep in touch.

Automation is a great way to make your business more efficient. Whether you’re a large corporate or a small start-up, there are many smart ways that a well-designed website can make it easier for you to do business.

Time to talk to Trafik?
At Trafik, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and using our expertise to deliver results. If you’d like to find out more about us: we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch today.

Thinking about investing in Google Ads? Google Ads are a smart addition to your marketing toolkit and a great way to bring new customers to your business. In this Trafik Techtalk we’re going to help you prepare for the best campaign results by sharing five steps we recommend you take before starting Google Ads.

Step 1: Identify your goals
Google Ads are a targeted and highly measurable form of marketing. Before you put money in, we recommend you identify exactly what you want to get out at the other end. Defining your target audience and how many sales you want to bring to your business will also help Trafik to design and build the best campaign.

Step 2: Review your website
Does your website need a little TLC? Take a careful look and work out if you need to do some housekeeping before you start advertising. Make the most of your investment and make sure your website is up to date, functions on all devices, and fulfils your customers’ needs.

Step 3: Set up Google Analytics
We recommend that you have Google Analytics working on your website before you start running Google Ads. That’s because we want to know exactly how potential customers behave when they visit your site.

Google Analytics allows us to make sure the leads you’re paying for are turning into actual sales that benefit your bottom line. And it provides us with the information we need to make changes quickly if they don’t.

Step 4: Create the best content
Setting up Google Ads is a great opportunity to wow new customers with the amazing, informative content on your website. If that’s not how you think of the words on your pages, it might be worth investing in a refresh.

Your content needs to connect your Google Ad campaign to your website, and then convert your lead into a sale. Rich, relevant content will also help you make the most of organic searches to drive customers to your business.

Step 5: Prepare to convert your leads
We always like to ask our clients how they’re planning on converting leads into sales – before they start their Google Ads campaign. If your sales team is on holiday then now’s not the time to ask everyone to pick up the phone. Take a moment to review where your website is directing your customers to. Make sure you can manage the volume of leads you’re hoping to achieve.

Time to talk to Trafik?
Creating a top performing Google Ad campaign can be as much about the right preparation as it is about smart execution. The good news is that Trafik has the skills to help with both.

Trafik is a Google Partner with over 15 years combined experience in creating successful Google Ad campaigns. If you’re looking for intelligence online, give us a call today.