Everyone knows that a website is a great selling tool. But did you realise it’s also a great time saver? Websites can automate processes and make your business operate more efficiently. Here are some simple ways to add automation to your website.

What is automation?
Automation happens when you make a process run on its own without the need for manpower.

It’s always the right time to make sales
Selling online is such an efficient way to do business. Websites that automate the sales process can sell products, services and even experiences at the touch of a button.

Online retail has the huge advantage of taking your business to your customer’s fingertips at any time of the day or night, in any location across the world. All you need to do is to make sure your website can be found (hint: we can help with that).

Capturing information
Does your business use forms? Perhaps your customers fill them in to order a product or service. Maybe they’re used to gather information before you provide a quote?

Using your website to manage your forms is an efficient and paperless way to control the flow of information. Your customer will avoid the need to print, scan and email completed forms to you. You will receive all the information that you need in a format that’s easy to store, manage, reference, and update when needed in the future.

Information sharing…all the time
Twenty years ago, Marketing Teams spent a lot of time producing brochures and leaflets that contained all of the information that customers needed to know. Now you can use the information that you want to share to fill your website.

Online, your information can be accessed by anyone, updated in real time, and shared through newsletters and social media. It’s never been so easy to share information with your customers.

Database building
Newsletters remain one of the most effective ways of getting your message to your customers. Gathering email addresses through your website is a great way to market your business and drive sales.

Automation means your website gathers all the information you need to build your database. You can also automate your responses as well as your sign up, and send instant emails to incentivise first or repeat purchases.

Feedback time
Ever wished you knew what your customers thought? For most of us, it’s a battle of time or money to carry out research. Automation makes it easy. If you want to set up a survey, all you need to do is add it to your website.

If you’re keen to strengthen your customer experience or redefine your product offering, an online survey can be an effective tool. Just work out what to ask and where to ask it – on your home page, post purchase, or after the product or service has been received.

Stay in the picture
If your business relies on visuals for promotion, you can also automate sharing images to your gallery online. This may be an ideal way to demonstrate your work or catalogue your work in progress.

A simple link from your Gallery page to Instagram can take all the effort out of keeping your customers across your latest projects. It can also provide easy access to your social media accounts for clients who are keen to keep in touch.

Automation is a great way to make your business more efficient. Whether you’re a large corporate or a small start-up, there are many smart ways that a well-designed website can make it easier for you to do business.

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