Looking for a local Google Partner?

If you’re searching for a digital marketing agency then look no further. Trafik has just become the only online marketing agency in Hawkes Bay (besides Yellow) to be awarded Google Partner status.

Understandably we are quite excited! So we thought we would share the news complete with a lowdown on exactly why this is great for you, our customers. Being a Google Partner is an affirmation that Trafik has the toolkit of skills needed to deliver you the best results from working with Google.

Why choose a Google Partner?

Google Partner status is awarded to agencies who have been certified by Google. This certification means that the agency is recognised as expert in Google’s Adwords product. To be identified as an expert you need to have proven that you have the skills and knowledge to be able to use Google Adwords to grow both the customer bases and the revenue of your clients.

Trafik are a certified team

There are a number of components that demonstrate to Google that a business holds the expertise necessary to earn Google Partner status. One of these is that certified staff have successfully completed exams set by Google and demonstrated their skill in delivering Google’s best practices through Adwords campaigns.

Google’s Adwords has a broad range of features and settings. The Google Partner status aims to give your business confidence that the agency that you are working with understands the full range of options available. Knowing all the options is essential to effectively optimising the Adwords settings. The result is that you enjoy the best and most cost effective Google Adwords campaigns.

Google Partners have high standards of customer service

Google is renowned for its high standards of customer service and expects the same from Google Partners. Only agencies who deliver a consistently high level of customer service can be relied upon to deliver the best service from Google Adwords. That’s why only those agencies will receive the Google Partner status.

Google Partners get priority service, so you do too

Google is a big company with a massive number of customers in a huge number of countries. It’s easy to imagine the high volumes of businesses who may have a question to ask Google at any single point in time. It’s also easy to imagine the subsequent customer service challenge this may create.

Thankfully Google Partners don’t have to wait in line to be heard. That’s because Google Partner status earns businesses like Trafik direct access to a dedicated Google representative. So if we have a question that needs to be answered we can be sure we’ll receive an answer in time to deliver the best solutions to your business.

Google Partners access new developments first

As if we hadn’t already mentioned enough benefits, Google Partners also get early access to a host of new features and applications. That means that if you’re one of our clients you can enjoy the benefits of technology your competitors haven’t even imagined yet.

A passion for delivering the best

At Trafik we are passionate about delivering the best online marketing solutions for your business. From websites to Google Adwords to social media and everywhere in between, you can rely on Trafik for all of your digital marketing needs.

We work hard to be the best at what we do and are delighted that Google has recognised the skills of the Trafik team with Google Partner status. If you would like to find out more about it then please contact Jonothan Henning, our resident expert, on info@trafik.co.nz